350+ strong professionals throughout CEE


CTP specialises in the delivery and management of custom-built, high-tech business facilities for leading international and domestic companies making strategic investments in new or expanded operations in Central Europe.

Top Management

  1. Remon Vos


  2. Richard Wilkinson

    Group CFO

Country Management

  1. Vlatko Djuricek

    Country Head of Serbia

  2. Rudolf Nemes

    Country Manager Hungary

  3. Stanislav Pagáč

    Regional Director SK

  4. Monika Murawska

    Country Manager Poland

  5. Emanoil Dascalu

    Construction Director

Business Development

  1. Hendrik Jung

    Director Key Accounts

  2. Jakub Kodr

    Senior Business Developer – Czech Republic & Slovakia

  3. Jiří Kostečka

    Business Developer – Brno Region

  4. Daniel Čermák

    Business Developer – Prague Region

  5. Veronika Ácsová

    Junior Business Developer Slovakia

  6. David Huszlicska

    Senior Business Developer Hungary

  7. István Pozderka

    Senior Business Developer Hungary

  8. Iuliana Busca

    Commercial and Business Development Manager Romania

  9. Corina Sandulescu

    Leasing Manager

  10. Radu Ciobanu

    Business Developer Romania

  11. Daniel Paraschiv

    Business Development Manager for Transilvania


  1. Arno van Hummel

    Financial Director

  2. Raus Zdeněk

    Financial Manager

  3. Michal Felcman

    M&A Manager

  4. Lukáš Egrt

    Group Financial Controller

  5. Hana Šimonová

    Chief Accountant

  6. Petra Kučerová

    Financial Analyst, Controller

  7. David Andreatta

    Tax Manager

  8. Andreea Odovinca

    CFO Romania

  9. Andra Bizon

    Senior Treasurer Romania

  10. Nicoleta Chiru

    Head of Team Controlling Romania

  11. Gyula Nagy

    CFO Hungary

  12. Flóra Badacsonyi

    Financial Manager Hungary

  13. Zoltán Mezei

    Head of Accounting and Taxes Hungary

Property Management

  1. Stefan de Goeij

    Head of Property Management

  2. Barbora Youssef

    Head of Property Management Brno Region

  3. Rudolf Patai

    Head of Property Management Hungary

  4. Adrian Ursulean

    Head of Property Management Romania


  1. Markéta Večeřová

    Head of Legal Banking & Finance

  2. Květa Vojtová

    Head of Legal -M&A, Corporate Transactions

  3. Michal Földes

    Corporate Lawyer

  4. Andrea Englichová

    Corporate Lawyer

Regional Project Management

  1. Zdeněk Apeltauer

    Regional Director Vysočina and Region South Bohemia

  2. Vit Novák

    Regional Director South Moravia

  3. David Chládek

    Regional Director Mid- and North moravia


  1. Tim Addison

    Head of Marketing

  2. Thomas A. Kostelac

    Brand Director

  3. Čestmír Přindiš

    Creative Director

  4. Michal Hlucháň

    Film Director

  5. Ondřej Kučera

    Digital Marketing Director

  6. Cyril Kříž

    Senior Graphic Designer

Management Support

  1. Radka Veletová

    Office Management & HR Support

  2. Ivana Škodová

    Office Management & Business Development Support