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As we progress through Q4 2015, I am encouraged by the positive signs in the region. Economic and social indicators are improving, and investors continue to flock to the region, taking advantage of both the stable business environment, and the diverse range of opportunities available throughout the region.

<p>As we progress through Q4 2015, I am&nbsp;encouraged by the positive signs in the&nbsp;region. Economic and social indicators are&nbsp;improving, and investors continue to flock&nbsp;to the region, taking advantage of both&nbsp;the stable business environment, and the&nbsp;diverse range of opportunities available&nbsp;throughout the region.</p>

Our highest priority is to attend to our clients’ growth needs. Over the past 15 years, we have developed the CTPark Network, aiming to ‘be where our clients want us to be’. Along the way, we developed five unique property types, accommodating virtually any business need.

We have a long-standing commitment to quality, and to fulfil this, we have assembled an ambitious  talented team—the CTP platform—whose professionalism and client-focus has enabled us to extend the CTPark Network outside the Czech Republic.

In this issue, we share some of our recent accomplishments such as opening new sites in Slovakia; extending our portfolio in Slovenia, Poland and Hungary; and preparing a business park in Lviv, western Ukraine. Thanks to the confidence of both our clients and our banking partners, we are undertaking successful, organic growth in these new markets.

We remain a strong partner to the communities in which we operate. We have commenced construction on a student housing initiative at our Ponāvka business park in Brno. We continue to ‘green’ our parks to make them more enjoyable places for the people who work there, while lowering the environmental footprint with energy saving standards improvements. Our new outreach program
to provide employment opportunities, transport services and housing facilities at CTPark Bor, and other locations, is one example.

We have high ambitions for 2016, as well as a healthy construction pipeline of 150,000 m2 which will be constructed by the end of 2015. Our organisation continues to grow and I am personally spending much time making sure we are in the right place at the right time, and most importantly, we have the talent—and procedures—in place to keep good on our promises to our clients.

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