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Construction update: Q1 2016

Construction has continued practically uninterrupted during the mild winter months, allowing us to steam ahead of many construction projects and deliver facilities ahead of schedule. We have construction projects commencing and/or underway in four CEE markets, totalling more than 250,000 m².

<p>Construction has continued practically&nbsp;uninterrupted during the mild winter&nbsp;months, allowing us to steam ahead of&nbsp;many construction&nbsp;projects and deliver&nbsp;facilities ahead of schedule. We have&nbsp;construction projects commencing&nbsp;and/or underway in four CEE markets,&nbsp;totalling more than 250,000 m&sup2;.</p>

Across the CTPark Network, we have approximately 250,000 m2 of space under construction, broken down as follows:

  • Czech Republic - 170,000 m2
  • Romania - 54,000 m2
  • Slovakia - 30,000 m2
  • Hungary - 25,000 m2
2016 Annual Report

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