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Baumer is a leading international developer and producer of sophisticated sensors, encoders and other components for automated image processing used in a wide range of applications. In 2013, the Swiss-based company opened an R&D centre at Spielberk Office Centre in Brno.
Baumer designs and produces a range of high-tech image sensor devices used in a diverse range of applications, including motion detection, speed and distance measuring, rotary encoding, angle measurement and process monitoring. The nature of Baumer’s high-tech business requires constant innovation to both its products and production processes, and the company makes significant investments in R&D—around 12% of the company’s 2,300 employees worldwide are engaged in R&D activities.
“Our new R&D Development Centre in Brno will play a key role in the continued assurance of Baumer ’s high quality standards.”
Martin Neumeister
Head of Baumer R&D Competence Centre
To expand its knowledge base and further strengthen its R&D capabilities, the company chose Spielberk Office Centre in Brno as the site for its first R&D Development Centre in the Czech Republic. With its strong technical universities and status as the research centre of the Czech Republic, Brno is ideal location for Baumer’s high-tech business. The new R&D centre at Spielberk will play a key role in the assurance of Baumer’s high quality standards and is a fully integrated part of the company’s network of Development Centres worldwide. In close cooperation with company HQ in Switzerland, the Czech team is working on concepts for efficient and automated series production and prototype testing, together with all necessary embedded software. From a small start-up team, Baumer is growing its Czech R&D capabilities at Spielberk Office Centre and plans to employ up to 30 engineers and software developers within the next two years.