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Case study:

Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin is one of Europe’s largest designers and producers of integrated interior components for the automotive industry and the global leader in headliner substrates.
Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin’s statistics are impressive. One out of every four cars on the road today comes equipped with at least one of the company’s components or interior systems, and the top ten models all contain Grupo Antolin components. Based in Spain, Grupo Antolin operates over 120 production and just-in-time assembly plants in 25 countries worldwide. The company has a strong presence in the Czech Republic with nine facilities —two of which are located at CTPark Ostrava. Grupo Antolin first entered the Czech market in the early 1990s, providing headliners to the VW Group. In 2008, the company expanded operations to CTPark Ostrava to fulfil new contracts for the nearby Hyundai assembly plant in Nošovice, and the Kia assembly plant in nearby Žilina, Slovakia. To keep pace with the growing volume and diversification of its business with new customers including Porsche, Audi and GM, the company currently operates two facilities at CTPark Ostrava with a total of over 18,000 m2 of custom-built manufacturing space.“Czech operations are key for Grupo Antolin,” explains Christian Schröder, the General Manager of Grupo Antolin’s operations at CTPark Ostrava. “The Czech market is very important for us in the central European zone.” At CTPark Ostrava, Grupo Antolin operates state-of-theart, highly sophisticated manufacturing and just-in-time (JIT) assembly processes where the consistent focus is on quality control. In addition to the production of headliner systems, Grupo Antolin also provides JIT assembly and sequencing of headliners from CTPark Ostrava for 100% of output at Hyundai’s Nošovice plant. This requires a high degree of flexibility and sophisticated tracking systems to ensure that each automobile is equipped with the exact, specific headliner system. To achieve the high degree of accuracy required, the company makes use of robots and automated PLC equipment. Thanks to the large number of skilled graduates in Ostrava, the company is able to hire locally for all positions, including engineers, quality controllers, and logistics managers.

“Grupo Antolin has found in CTP a business partner who is very flexible, and this matches and supports our business requirements in the Czech Republic.”
Christian Schröder
General Manager Grupo Antolin, Ostrava