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Case study:


IFE—the world’s leading producer of automatic door systems for railway vehicles—was one of the first companies to set up operations at CTPark Modřice near Brno. In 2014, the company expanded its CTFit facility with a custom-built extension and renewed the lease agreement for an additional ten years.
IFE, part of the Knorr-Bremse Group, is the leading designer and manufacturer of automated door systems for the world’s top producers of railway vehicles. In 2002, the company was one of the first tenants to move in to CTPark Modřice near Brno—CTP’s first, full-service business park location and the proven model for further CTPark Network expansion.
“We have come to know CTP as a very professional and pragmatic partner”
Dr. Frank Heinisch
Board Member
As Dr. Frank Heinisch, IFE Board Member, explains, the company initially chose CTPark Modřice based on a combination of factors: ”For us, the main reasons to choose CTPark Modřice include reasonable operating costs, the professional environment and infrastructure within the park itself, the close proximity to Brno with good availability of qualified candidates, and also closer proximity to IFE headquarters in Austria.” This mix has proven successful for IFE, and in 2014 the company signed for a 10-year lease extension for its CTFit building. “One of the main reasons we decided to extend our lease at CTPark Modřice is the availability of skilled and reliable workers. Over the years, we have come to know CTP as a very professional and pragmatic partner.” Based on the growth of its business and the relocation of new activities to its plant at CTPark Modřice, IFE also expanded its 14,000 m2 CTFit facility with an additional 5,000 m2 of floor space, which it utilizes for wet-paint operations. Over the years, the activities at IFE’s production plant at CTPark Modřice have grown and now also include certain purchasing and engineering responsibilities previously handled at the company’s headquarters in Austria. This added-value activity has led to an increase of importance of the company’s Czech activities within the IFE. ”With more than 500 employees engaged in a variety of high-tech and challenging jobs, and the high ratio of local suppliers, our regional footprint can be seen as remarkable, and our plan is to continue growing. In 2015 we expect to invest around EUR 5 million in our Czech operations, and we expect the number of employees to reach 600 within the next two years.”