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“Grupo Antolin has found in CTP a business partner who is very flexible, and this matches and supports our business requirements in the Czech Republic.”

Christian Schröder
General Manager Grupo Antolin, Ostrava
Grupo Antolin is one of Europe’s largest designers and producers of integrated interior components for the automotive industry and the global leader in headliner substrates.
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“Our new R&D Development Centre in Brno will play a key role in the continued assurance of Baumer ’s high quality standards.”

Martin Neumeister
Head of Baumer R&D Competence Centre
Baumer is a leading international developer and producer of sophisticated sensors, encoders and other components for automated image processing used in a wide range of applications. In 2013, the Swiss-based company opened an R&D centre at Spielberk Office Centre in Brno.
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“Ostrava has become the benchmark for ITT Motion Technologies.”

Cesare Savini
ITT Czech Republic General Manager

In 2009, ITT Motion Technologies— part of the US-based ITT Corporation —launched its first site in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) at CTPark Ostrava. Business has grown rapidly, and Ostrava has become the most important multi-business site within ITT Motion Technologies and is a major contributor to company success.

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“Our focus is 100% quality, all the time. CTP has helped us to achieve our objectives.”

Mark Kelleher
Vice-president, European Operations, Smiths Medical
Smiths Medical—part of Smiths Group plc, a UK-based, FTSE 100 company, is a leading global provider of medical devices and equipment for the healthcare industry. Worldwide the company employs over 7,500 people, with manufacturing concentrated in the US, UK, Italy, Mexico—and from 2013, the Czech Republic.
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“The Czech Republic has brought one of the biggest success stories to Zodiac Aerospace.”

Jean-Michel Condamin
CEO Zodiac Galleys & Equipment Segment
Zodiac Aerospace is a world leader in the design and production of integrated interior cabins, galleys, and on-board safety systems for commercial aircraft.
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“"We take a long term view to our relationship with our clients Our approach is based on understanding their needs both now, and in the future."”

Hendrik Jung
Senior Business Development Manager

Brembo is among the world’s largest manufacturers of braking systems for automobiles and motorcycles.

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“CTP has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, cooperation, and cost effectiveness.”

Pär Lidåker

BJS is one Europe’s leading furniture makers. The company, which traces its history back to 1917, is a strategic supplier to IKEA, producing a range of wooden bedroom furniture for the company.

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“We demand the highest safety standards in building construction. CTP understands this and is able to deliver the quality standard that we require.”

Roman Budík
Plant Manager

Faurecia is Europe's third-largest automotive supplier. Worldwide, one out of every four passenger cars on the road has a Faurecia made exhaust system.

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“CTP was always ahead of the competition. Even Headquarters was impressed.”

Karel Endlicher
General Manager of High Voltage Products at CTPark Brno

When ABB—a global leader in power and automation technologies—needed new, larger and more modern space to accommodate its growing Power Products business in Brno, they turned to their long-term partner CTP for the solution. CTP responded with a tailormade facility delivered to ABB within eight months during 2013.

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“We are satisfied with our repeated decision to go with CTP.”

Mirco Gruebel
Stahgruber CEO

German aftermarket automotive parts supplier Stahlgruber chose the flexibility and efficiency of the CTBox concept to consolidate and expand its Czech activities at CTPark Plzeň and CTPark Ostrava.

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“We are very pleased with our operations in Brno, and with the professionalism of CTP.”

Karsten Wenk
Senior Manager

In 2005, Global computer and electronics major Acer chose a CTFlex unit at CTPark Brno to serve as its regional customer service and repair hub. In 2014, Acer exteNded its lease for an additional ten years, based on the success of its operations.

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“We are pleased to be located at Spielberk Office Centre.”

Jan Macek
Senior Director of Operations

Czech-based AVG, one of the world’s leading developers of anti-virus software, made the strategic decision to base its main software development and technology operations at Spielberk Office Centre in Brno.

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“We have come to know CTP as a very professional and pragmatic partner”

Dr. Frank Heinisch
Board Member
IFE—the world’s leading producer of automatic door systems for railway vehicles—was one of the first companies to set up operations at CTPark Modřice near Brno. In 2014, the company expanded its CTFit facility with a custom-built extension and renewed the lease agreement for an additional ten years.
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“Because of our good experiences with CTP, Hellmann will always be pleased to cooperate with them on future projects.”

Michael Schertl
Key Account Manager

Based in Germany, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is a leading global logistics companies with branches in over 150 countries. In 2013 the company chose CTPark Bor, near the Czech-German border, as the site for its first Czech operations.

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“As an IT company, we had some specific requirements, and we always came to an agreement with CTP.”

Tomas Slapata

Madfinger Games is a group of Czech game programmers behind some of the world’s most popular mobile gaming titles. Founded in 2010 with just four employees, this fastgrowing start-up now employs over 60 people and is poised for future growth. In 2014, Madfinger moved its operations to the premium offices at Ponāvka in Brno, which serves as the company’s global HQ.

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