Autonomous Vehicles Are Coming…and the Impact Will Be Huge.

Safety, Savings, and Systems: the Possible Futures of Autonomous Vehicles Impact on Industry Autonomous vehicles (AVs), or self-driving cars, are a form of machine learning and Artificial...
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Charged: The Future of Batteries

Before making your morning coffee, you plug your car in. By the time your brew’s prepared, the car’s charge goes from zero to 100, ready for hundreds of km of you sitting back and being d...
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Energy Efficiency: Shaping the Future Through Renovation

Renovating buildings through ecological, energy-usage upgrades is key to meeting the EU’s energy efficiency targets. The Energy Efficiency Directive identified the existing building stock...
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We are sustainable

We do strongly consider the environmental impact of our activities. We build sustainable buildings with quality materials to ensure they last a long time. We do not sell the properties we build. We do care.


We make parks

CTP is a full-service commercial real estate developer. We build, manage and deliver custom-built, high-tech business parks throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

We do care.
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