CTP Romania Team building on the Danube Delta

Every September we get the teams from all over CEE together to join in some teambuilding competitions and network with colleagues we dont get to see every day. This year, the plan was for...
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First Class Regional Cities: Brno

About 15 years ago we began with some serious investment there: 2 of the largest and most successful industrial parks in Central Europe, premium office parks, and inner city business park...
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Brno: Mixture of Enchanting Energy and Modern Allure

Charming history. Higher and higher on the list of ‘Best Student Cities.’ World-renowned Masaryk University. One of the leading strategic zones in the Czech Republic. And, it’s got the be...
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Domeq Impressions

After starting my studies in Florida, impulsively deciding to move to and study in New York City, and subsequently traveling for 15 months…I’d never felt happier, but I was a bit tired. I...
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We are sustainable

We do strongly consider the environmental impact of our activities. We build sustainable buildings with quality materials to ensure they last a long time. We do not sell the properties we build. We do care.


We make parks

CTP is a full-service commercial real estate developer. We build, manage and deliver custom-built, high-tech business parks throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

We do care.
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