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Jovan Dobric
Geschäftsentwickler, Serbien

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Kragujevac, Serbia

CTPark Network Kragujevac

Kragujevac is Serbia’s 4th largest city with a population of nearly 180,000. It is also a university town with 16,000 students enrolled. A city with a strong industrial tradition in automobiles and firearms, it is an historically important trading town due to its strategic location in the centre of the country with excellent connections N/S as well as E/W. The park is situated just outside the city centre, only 300 m from the city’s main northern artery, and only 15 minutes drive to the nearby Fiat factory.
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  • Superior location
  • Excellent road and highway access
  • 7 km to nearby Fiat factory
Jetzt verfügbar 0 m²
Entwicklungsmöglichkeit 21.901 m²
Bebaute Fläche 48.512 m²
Gesamtes Gebiet 16 Ha

Brace Nikolic 2, 34000 Kragujevac

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21.901 m² Geplant CTSpace Siehe Detail

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