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Ján Rakovský
Senior Business Developer, Slowakei

+421 918 648 833

Prešov, Slovakia

CTPark Network Prešov North

CTPark Prešov North holds a strategic position in Prešov, the third-largest city in Slovakia. The Prešov Region benefits from extensive transporation connection throughout whole Slovakia and it is well-positioned for crossborder cooperation and trade with Poland, which is located only 70 km from the city of Prešov. Two technical universities in the area ensure access to a talented pool of skilled workers. The abundance of qualified workforce, combined with the park's strategic position, makes the park an ideal choice for companies engaged in logistics and high-tech production. The park offers easy access to Slovakia's main west-east highway D1, connecting Prešov with Košice, Žilina, Martin, Trnava and Bratislava. Notably, the region benefits from ongoing road infrastructure development, including the recent opening of a 4.3 km R4 bypass in September 2023, with construction underway for an additional 10.2 km of roadway expected to be completed by 2027.
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  • 90,000 people in Prešov, with 70% in productive age
  • Universitätsstadt – 12.500 Studenten
  • Competitive labor cost
  • Vielfältige Wirtschaft, industrielle Tradition
  • Hohes Maß an ausländischen Direktinvestitionen
  • Region with the highest available level of state aid (50%)
  • Košice (235.000 Einwohner) – 30 km
  • Two international airports: Košice International Airport, (40 km) and Poprad-Tatry Airport (85 km)
  • Well-served by transportation infrastructure, with a railway running through the city and a bus transportation
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Vranovská, 080 01 Prešov

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E371PR6PR5PR4PR3PR8PR7PR1PR2Stadt ceNTR5 kmKošice 42 kmKRAków 211 km
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