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Located close to the S1, A23, S2, and B8 motorways, CTPark Vienna North enjoys great connections to neighboring countries and other parts of Austria, while it’s just 20 minutes away from the capital’s centre. The surrounding area, Marchfeld, produces most of Austria’s vegetables. The building offers single docs and possibilities, with spaces ranging from 2,200 m2 to 15,000 m2. Its facilities and location make it ideal for light industry and manufacturing.
  • Located North-East of Vienna close to S1 and B8 federal road
  • 20 mins to the city center
  • Hub for many consumer goods connecting West and Eastern Europe
  • Center of the European inland waterway of Rhine / Maas – Main– Danube
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0 m² Available now
47,554 m² Development Opportunity
0 m² Built-up Area
10 ha Total area
Park address

Hofstättenweg, 2201 Gerasdorf bei Wien

Commercial contact

Karl Brückner
Country Manager, Austria

+43 664 8389805
karl.bruckner@ctp.eu LinkedIn

Karl  Brückner
Vienna Center KagranCitygateS1 / S2 highway8VIN1VIN2
  • Built
  • Built - available
  • Planned
Regional Layout

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
31,628 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail
15,926 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail

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