Commercial contact Jakub  Kodr

Jakub Kodr
Head of Business Development, Czech Republic

+420 778 408 839

České Velenice, Czech Republic

CTPark Network České Velenice

CTPark  České Velenice is located on the Czech/Austrian border with direct road access to České Budějovice (50km), Linz (90km) and Vienna (140km). The park is ideal for companies engaged in cross-border logistics, with an available and skilled workforce in the area, as well as lower wage and operating costs than in Austria.
  • Ideal for cross-border logistics
  • Austrian border – 1 km
  • Available skilled labour
  • Lower costs vs. Austria
  • Easy accessibility
  • Onsite public transport
Available now 0 m²
Development Opportunity 0 m²
Built-up Area 3,140 m²
Total area 0.58 ha
Park address

Za Slévárnou, 378 10 České Velenice
Czech Republic

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  • Built
  • Built & available
  • Planned

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