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CTPark Hranice is strategically located with direct motorway access to Olomouc (40km), Ostrava (60km) and Poland/Katowice (145km). The park is located nearby existing automotive and high-tech supply chain routes. The park’s accessibility is enhanced by an on-site rail link and nearby Ostrava airport (40km).
  • Ideal for logistics/high-tech
  • Motorway access to Olomouc/Ostrava
  • Direct rail link
  • Proximity to suppliers in Slovakia
  • ADR warehouse for sensitive material
  • Lower-cost, lower-wage area
  • 8 Universities in the region
  • Large pool of available skilled labour
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70,025 m² Total Available space
57,958 m² Planned construction
13.74 ha Total area
Park address

Olomoucká 306, 75301 Hranice
Czech Republic

Commercial contact

David Chládek
Regional Development Director, Moravia

+420 724 384 512

David  Chládek
HR5 HR2 / 3 HR2 / 4 HR 3 / 1 E JUMBO HR4
  • Available
  • Built
  • Planned

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
27,884 m²
planned CTSpace Detail
6,854 m²
planned CTFit Detail
6,554 m²
HR3 1
planned CTFit Detail
5,514 m²
built CTFit Detail
3,552 m²
built CTSpace Detail
1,415 m²
Large F
planned CTFit Detail
872 m²
Large E
built CTFit Detail
744 m²
built CTFit Detail
714 m²
Large D
built CTFit Detail

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