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CTPark Nový Jičín is located 30km south of Ostrava on the E642 roadway near Ostrava international airport. The park features large building sizes and available land for expansion. The park is an ideal base for high-tech production, test facilities and automotive supply chains.
  • Ostrava international airport – 20 km
  • Ostrava – 30 km
  • Hyundai auto plant – 35 km
  • Slovak border – 60 km
  • 8 Universities in the region
  • Available skilled labour
  • Lower-cost, lower-wage area
  • Large-scale, A-class facilities
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15,867 m² Total Available space
15,867 m² Planned construction
16.34 ha Total area
Park address

Hřbitovní, 74101 Nový Jičín
Czech Republic

Commercial contact

Vojtěch Peřka
Business Developer, Moravian Region

+420 606 609 999
vojtech.perka@ctp.eu LinkedIn

Vojtěch  Peřka
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  • Available
  • Built
  • Planned

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
8,821 m²
planned CTSpace Detail
7,067 m²
planned CTSpace Detail
1,203 m²
built CTFlex Detail

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