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CTPark Žatec II is strategically located 30 km from the the German border and close to the D7 motorway Prague/Chomutov. CTPark Žatec II is situated close to the city centre of Žatec. The area is situated between three districts enclosing approximately 300,000 inhabitants within a 30 km radius.
  • Strategic, inner city-location
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Availability of qualified workforce
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5,562 m² Total Available space
5,562 m² Planned construction
2.15 ha Total area
Park address

Plzeňská 3224, 438 01 Žatec
Czech Republic

Commercial contact

Jakub Kodr
Senior Business Developer, Czech Republic

+420 778 408 839
jakub.kodr@ctp.eu LinkedIn

Jakub  Kodr
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  • Available
  • Built
  • Planned

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
5,562 m²
planned CTFit Detail

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