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Kecskemét is located right on the busy M5 motorway, 45 km to the south of Budapest. CTPark Kecskemét is at the southern gate of the city, has a motorway access within 5 kms. The economy of Kecskemét is characterised by the presence of Mercedes that has a large local factory to produce car engines. CTPark Kecskemét is located in the immediate vicinity of the Mercedes plant, resulted a perfect site for automotive suppliers.
  • 1 km from Mercedes auto plant
  • 5 km from M5 highway
  • 45 km from Budapest
  • 86 km from international airport
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0 m² Available now
28,698 m² Development Opportunity
0 m² Built-up Area
5.87 ha Total area
Park address

Búzakalász utca, 6000 Kecskemét

Commercial contact

Ferenc Gondi
Country Head, Hungary

+36 30 582 7864
ferenc.gondi@ctp.eu LinkedIn

Ferenc  Gondi
KCS2KCS1Szolnok 59 kmBudapest 96 km54
  • Built
  • Built - available
  • Planned

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
18,415 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail
10,283 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail

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