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CTPark Tatabánya is a warehouse with offices located in Tatabánya, 60 km to the west of Budapest on the M1 motorway. Located on the most busy transit route between Budapest and Vienna/Bratislava, CTPark Tatabánya is ideal for logistics and production companies as well.
  • Motorway access to Bratislava is 145 km, Vienna is 190 km.
  • Integral part of the local Tatabánya Industrial Park, the largest Hungarian park in land size
  • Prime neighbouring companies include Bridgestone, Coloplast, Grundfos, Helkel
  • Multiple public transport access to the park
  • Skilled local and regional workforce
  • Ideal for warehouse, office and production functions
  • Easy access to public utilities
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5,780 m² Total Available space
5,780 m² Planned construction
12.48 ha Total area
Park address

Kerék u., 2800 Tatabánya

Commercial contact

István Pozderka
Senior Business Developer, Hungary

+36 304 292 113
istvan.pozderka@ctp.eu LinkedIn

István  Pozderka
Datový zdroj 1 TBN1
  • Available
  • Built
  • Planned

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
5,780 m²
planned CTFit Detail

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