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ctPark Sulechów is a perfectly located project, right next to the S3 expressway, running through the city. This route crosses after 40 km with the A2 motorway, which makes the park a great place for both warehouse and light production activities. ctPark Sulechów is situated only 68 km from the German border, making this park a perfect location for cross-border business.
  • Near A2 highway and S3 express route
  • Only 68 km to the border border with Germany and in close proximity to other cities
  • Investment is carried out with respect to ESG aspects
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0 m² Available now
93,452 m² Development Opportunity
0 m² Built-up Area
15.96 ha Total area
Park address

Sulechów, 66-131 Nowy Świat

Commercial contact

Sambor Przemysław
Leasing Manager, Poland

+48 734 195 771
przemyslaw.sambor@ctp.eu LinkedIn

Sambor  Przemysław
SUL2SUL1Zielona Góra 20 kmWrocław 170 kmPrague 320 kmTown centre 3 kmBerlin 200 kmWarsaw 430 kmE6532S3
  • Built
  • Built - available
  • Planned

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
81,371 m²
under construction CTSpace Detail
12,081 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail

CTPark Iłowa

65.2 km

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