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CTPark Warsaw East offers a wide range of possibilities for production and warehousing activities. The park is located on an attractive urban area and equipped with all required infrastructure, enabling clients to get operations up and running quickly. Connection is only 50 km from Warsaw, making CTPark Warsaw East an ideal location for cross-border business.
0 m² Available now
162,390 m² Development Opportunity
0 m² Built-up Area
20 ha Total area
Park address

Tarczyńska 113, 96-320 Mszczonów

Commercial contact

Sambor Przemysław
Leasing Manager, Poland

+48 734 195 771
przemyslaw.sambor@ctp.eu LinkedIn

Sambor  Przemysław
MSZ 1MSZ 2MSZ 3MSZ 450Radom 85 kmLublin 180 kmHighway 2 kmTown centre 50kmPłock 95 kmŁodż 110 km
  • Built
  • Built - available
  • Planned

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
77,550 m²
under construction CTSpace Detail
46,950 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail
20,490 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail
17,400 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail

CTPark Warsaw West

18.5 km

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