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CTPark Timişoara Ghiroda (known also as Timisoara II)  benefits of a perfect location for distribution, logistics and manufacturing purposed being located at 6 km from International Airport of Timişoara and at 1 km distance from the A1 Highway to Arad and Timişoara ring road. CTPark Timişoara Ghiroda offers flexible space for distribution or manufacturing starting from 500 sq m up to over 20,000 m2. Flexibility on demand for your business CTFlex are flexible spaces, starting from 500 sq m,  with all the benefits of an industrial park included, where you can grow your business. This business solution is designed to accommodate the growing demand of small and medium business owners looking for modern and flexible work environments. All the buildings are designed class A, built to BREEAM standards, with focus on accessibility and infrastructure. We create a business eco-system where both the small and the large companies can benefit from being close to each other, creating synergies. A park as a recruitment tool Quality of life in our parks is the best you can find in Romania and this also reflects in the quality of work life for the employees. From CTPark projects, you can recruit and keep your key people easier.
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  • 4th largest city in Romania
  • Top location for manufacturing and logistics
  • Top 10 ranking universities in Timisoara
  • High-tech and manufacturing cluster
  • Close to International Airport Timisoara
  • Easy access to Timisoara ring road
  • Easy access to A1 highway to Hungary
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17,320 m² Available now
181,527 m² Development Opportunity
140,732 m² Built-up Area
20.08 ha Total area
Park address

Com. Remetea Mare, 307350 Timisoara

Commercial contact

Andrei Koszti
Regional Commercial Manager, Romania

+40 749 142 800

Speaks Romanian, English


Andrei  Koszti
Deva 140 kmCity Center 9 kmThe Clubhaus offers a variety of servicesand amenities.TIM 4FLEX 4FLEX 5FLEX 6TIM 1TIE 2TIE 3TIE 4TIE 5TIM 8TIM 9CTBOX 7CTBOX 8CTBOX 9TIM 6TIM 5TIM 3TIM 266E70DNCT
  • Built
  • Built - available
  • Planned
  • Clubhaus
Deva 140 kmCity Center 9 kmTIM 16E70DNCT
  • Built
  • Built - available
  • Planned
  • Clubhaus

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
48,200 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail
23,410 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail
17,320 m²
built CTSpace Detail
11,813 m²
Planned CTFlex Detail
11,813 m²
Planned CTFlex Detail
10,365 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail
8,116 m²
Planned CTFlex Detail
4,576 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail
3,416 m²
Planned CTBox Detail
1,533 m²
Planned CTBox Detail
1,533 m²
Planned CTBox Detail

CTPark Timișoara

2.1 km


CTPark Timisoara City

7.1 km


CTPark Timisoara South

15.1 km


CTPark Arad

40.0 km

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