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CTPark Košice is adjacent to the international airport of the second biggest city in Slovakia.
  • 350,000 people in the Area
  • Adjacent to the Košice International Airport
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24,367 m² Total Available space
20,967 m² Planned construction
20 ha Total area
Park address

Barca, 040 17 Košice

Commercial contact

Ivan Pastier
Senior Business Development Manager

+421 948 535 696
ivan.pastier@ctp.eu LinkedIn

Ivan  Pastier
Datový zdroj 3 K SC13 K SC10
  • Available
  • Built
  • Planned

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
20,967 m²
planned CTSpace Detail
3,400 m²
built CTFit Detail

Park gallery

CTPark Prešov

39.7 km