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CTPark Košice is strategically located in the Slovakia´s second largest city with the adjacent international airport and an excellent D1 motorway connection to Prešov (35km), as well as the whole Slovakia. The park also benefits from D1 motorway being a part of the Via Carpatia route agreement, connecting Slovakia to Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. The project represents an A class modern industrial park with premises suitable for logistics, distribution and light industry.
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  • 240,000 people in Košice
  • 2nd largest city in Slovakia
  • Center of cross boarded region of Hungary, Poland and Ukraine
  • Adjacent to the Košice international airport
  • On Via Carpatia
  • Ideal for logistics and production companies
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0 m² Available now
36,506 m² Development Opportunity
76,563 m² Built-up Area
20 ha Total area
Park address

Bahýľová, 040 17 Košice

Commercial contact

Ján Rakovský
Senior Business Developer, Slovakia

+421 918 648 833
jan.rakovsky@ctp.eu LinkedIn

Ján  Rakovský
KSC13KSC10KSC2KSC12KSC113415Košice centre 7kmPrešov 45 kmInternational Airport
  • Built
  • Built - available
  • Planned
E571E58KSC14KSC15KSC17KSC16Košice centre 7kmPrešov 45 kmAirport 1 kmZvolen 205 kmBudapest 270 km
  • Built
  • Built - available
  • Planned

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
26,492 m²
Planned CTSpace Detail
7,047 m²
Planned CTFlex Detail
2,967 m²
Planned CTBox Detail

CTPark Prešov South

30.2 km


CTPark Prešov North

39.7 km

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