AML Compliance Officer

For CTP, for international spere of action, we are looking for an experienced AML Compliance Officer.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain the firm’s anti-money laundering policies in line with statutory and regulatory obligations. Develop and maintain the firm’s policies in other Compliance areas, above all, in ABC, protection of sensitive information and fraud prevention.
  • Create and maintain the money laundering risk-based approach and the risk assessment of the firm’s customers, products and services.
  • Ensure that the company´s risk policies, risk assessment profile and their application are adequately documented.
  • Develop and maintain internal procedures in line with the requirements of the legislation and the relevant industry guidance. Monitor and reflect changes in the afore-said, maintain and strengthen the firm’s Compliance Management System.
  • Support and co-ordinate management focus on the money laundering risk. Communicate and coordinate Compliance activities in the group.
  • Assist management in developing and maintaining an effective AML and Compliance culture.
  • Ensure all suspicious activity reports received are investigated without delay and, where relevant, submitted to the respective Financial Intelligence Unit. Handle adequate prevention, detection and reaction on misconducts.
  • Ensure that all staff are aware of their personal obligations and policies and procedures and that the basis for the company´s risk-based approach is understood and applied.
  • Ensure that all relevant staff are adequately trained in money laundering and terrorist finance prevention and other Compliance areas that the standards and scope of the training is appropriate and that appropriate training records are kept.
  • Performing the duty of MLRO (Money Laundering Reporting Officer)

Reports to Group CFO.

Skills, Qualification & Experience Required

  • 5+ experience as Compliance officer, MLRO or equivalent, or as an advisor in Compliance or AML area, in a reputable company.
  • Extensive experience within AML/Financial Crime in a similar role is essential.
  • The ability to foster strong relationships with different areas of the business, providing strong communication on all AML and Compliance matters is key. Significant decision making capabilities allowing negotiation with board, senior officers and regulators, are required.
  • Strong social and team working capabilities and high-level judicial and analytical skills. Judicial application of the firm’s ethical principles to strengthen Compliance/AML culture.
  • A Real Estate background is a plus.
  • Excellent knowledge of all current regulatory and legislative requirements, best practices, applicable ISO standards and industry guidance pertaining to AML, Sanctions, Terrorist Financing, ABC and protection of sensitive information. Powerful understanding of risks and methods to forecast Compliance/AML regulatory events.
  • Proven experience of assisting in the planning and delivering of financial crime related projects, risk management and prevention of frauds.
  • Fluent English.