Construction Project Manager in Brno- industrial portfolio

To develop and operate our Industrial portfolio projects in Brno, we are looking for a flexible people with strong self-motivation who will be happy to join the project management team in the company.


Construction project manager is fully responsible for realization of a project whereby particular activities include following:

Pre-construction phase

  • Technical and legal due diligence in order to investigate the characteristic of the site and test if the land site, and or property, is suitable for development
  • Design and Design review – Coordination of preparation of project documentation in all phases – for planning permit, building permit and tender documentation – this in cooperation with the in-house design team, with support of external engineers / designers, but also in close cooperation with the client / tenant / future user of the property to make sure the property is designed in line with the clients requirements
  • Permitting with this respect with the employee is in touch and negotiations with authorities and other parties involved
  • Tendering – Prepares budgets and in cooperation with purchase team coordinate the tendering process

During the realization phase, the employee will be responsible for the:

  • on-time construction
  • quality
  • costs to be within budget
  • value engineering: leading the ‘control days’ with suppliers

The candidate is also to communicate with construction suppliers, cities / authorities and other suppliers of utilities (electro, gas or hot water suppliers and ensuring contracts).

Ideal candidate is:

  • Civil Engineer
  • Experienced with construction of industrial properties (min 3 years for Junior and 5 years for Senior)
  • English knowledge, both written and spoken
  • Good communication skills
  • Independent, hardworking, flexible, hands-on person