Regional (Construction) Director

Looking for Regional (Construction) Manager in Poland, focussed on both construction and business development.


To manage CTPs developments in Poland, focussed on Katowice region, CTP is looking for a suitable candidate for the position of REGIONAL (CONSTRUCTION) DIRECTOR. The candidate has entrepreneurial attitude in combination with proven leadership skill and is able to both overlook construction projects, as well as support discussions with tenants.

The Regional (Construction) Director is leading the team of Project and well as Permitting Managers and overlooks the projects from initial phase to the very end, means including site due diligence, permitting, preparation of the site and construction phase.


Job duties include:

  • Responsibility for all steps of the developments in the dedicated region
  • Negotiates with authorities and other third parties involved all phases of the project realization
  • Make sure the projects are being realized within the agreed time frames and budgets; bears responsibility for this
  • Oversees budget preparation and is involved in tendering process – in cooperation with Procurement Manager; reviews the bids, is involved in negotiations with suppliers
  • Oversees design preparation; communicates with in-house design team as well as external designers
  • Controls works on site, quality and consistency
  • Reporting and outlook preparations

The job of Regional Director is not limited to construction management only but the Regional Director is also involved in business development activities, in particular:

  • Communication with clients / potential as well as existing Tenants in the properties CTP develops – participates in and supports the business negotiations, prepares initial budgets and costs estimates for clients requirements which are different from the CTP White Book / Standard building specification and communicates their requirements further to the design team; follows these are correctly implemented into the design and documentation
  • Is identifying and evaluating new development opportunities; is involved in negotiations with land owners, authorities, mayors, etc.
  • Reviews the due diligence process
  • Establishes long-term and good relationships with business partners, clients, and suppliers

Professional and personal competences:

  • Relevant education – ideally civil engineer or degree in similar technical field
  • Relevant experience on similar position of at least 5 years
  • Very good written and spoken English; native Polish
  • Economic and financial analysis orientation
  • Strong leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills
  • Team player; perfect communication skills


Start possible immediately or a.s.a.p.