Regional Construction Project Manager for Transylvania

To support CTP's growth plans in the Romanian real estate market, CTP is looking for a Regional Construction Project Manager to manage development and construction of logistics and industrial properties in the region of Transylvania.


Our ideal candidate should be located in Transylvania. This position requires traveling throughout the region, but also occasionally to Bucharest.

Job Duties

  • Effective coordination of all the project activities with a view to reaching the objectives set according to the highest quality standards.
  • Ensures communication with the team members within the project.
  • Preparing and organizing the activity plans within the project and ensuring the necessary resources to reach the project objectives.
  • Management of the project budget in compliance with the applicable internal procedures and with the company’s financial conditions.
  • Organize the tender processes according to the packages received from the designers
  • Draft contracts according to commercial conditions established
  • Revise from a technical point of view the offers received from contractors
  • Receipt, verification and integration in budget of the work statements
  • Follow the execution chart and the deadlines
  • Gather requests from tenants and integrate them into development projects
  • Elaborate budgets for designs
  • Seizing and developing the opportunities during the project period with a view to its permanent development.
  • Coordinates the activities within the project, while directly supervising the technical teams and other collaborators involved.
  • Establishes long-term collaboration relationships with the partners, clients, project beneficiaries.
  • Monitors over time the progress reached as regards the objectives proposed and draws up monthly reports.
  • Ensures the circulation of information regarding the project for other departments of the organization as well, by periodically organizing meetings and presenting the status and situation of the project to the other departments.
  • Ensures the solution of problems arising in carrying out the project and notifies in time the management team of the problems encountered and which he/she cannot solve at his/her level.
  • Complies with any other instructions given by the hierarchical superior in performing the company’s short-term strategies within the limits of compliance with the legal grounds.
  • Make proposals to improve the working style to maximize the efficiency of reaching the objectives proposed.
  • Assesses the project impact and communicates it to the management, to the financiers and to the project partners.

Professional competences:

  • Leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • Rapid adaptation to the new software (software used in carrying out the activity)
  • Economic and financial analysis knowledge
  • Knowledge of negotiation techniques
  • Management knowledge
  • Minimum primary accounting knowledge
  • Knowledge of the legislation in the field
  • Planning and organization of operations and activities


Personal competences:

  • Focused, sustained attention
  • Positive attitude
  • Proactive and voluntary
  • Perseverance and interested in/self-motivated to achieve his/her objectives
  • Emotional balance
  • Capacity to assess and to make decisions
  • Capacity to work with people
  • High stress resistance
  • Ease, clarity and coherence of expression

 ** This job includes tasks beyond construction management such as business development, communication with clients but also other parties involved like local or state authorities (construction departments, mayors and other stakeholders).


We require:

  • Relevant degree of qualification – ideally university degree in civil engineering or similar
  • Relevant technical skills
  • Minimum 10 years of professional experience at the project manager position
  • Good written and spoken English
  • Team player with individual proactive approach and good communication skills
  • Strong self-management skills to ensure time issues of project deliveries 


We offer:

  • Job at dynamic foreign company in a team of young talented people
  • Possibility of further career development
  • Interesting salary level with bonus structure