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C&A to change logistics and distribution of goods in CEE from CTPark Trnava




After the successful opening of its first branch offices with a new sales concept in its major European markets, the fashionable chain C&A is also changing other areas of its business.

C&A's Central Logistics and Distribution Center at CTPark Trnava will supply branches at all nine CEE countries from 2019. The new operation, which will require offer 350 positions at CTPark Trnava, will likely create over 180 jobs for Slovak employees.

The fashion retailer will completely change logistics, IT and distribution of goods in CEE countries. The company currently operates two logistics and distribution centres for CEE countries in Enns, Austria and in Nové Mesto nad Váhom in Slovakia, but none of these meet the necessary requirements for size and infrastructure in order to perform new tasks across CEE.

With the new logistics and distribution centres, C&A will concentrate more evenly on the needs of its customers and lay the foundations for the retail industry of the future when customers can purchase, order, test and exchange goods anytime and anywhere.