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Colors of Spielberk




Administrative centre Spielberk Office Centre in Brno welcomed unusual visitors today. More than 400 children from nursery, elementary and grammar schools from Brno and Brno neighborhoods came to brighten up the fence surrounding buildings “AB Towers” (one of which is at the moment the highest in Brno) on this site and at the same time to fight for new Czech record – the longest painted wall in whole Czech Republic. This event was organized by the operator and developer of Spielberk Office Centre, company CTP, who has determined three topics which children could draw – nature, seasons and the world of animals.

New Czech record has been afterwards finally really set. The fence around the construction site long 230 m and high 2.5 m now shines with many colours and attracts for the first sight. Interesting perceptions are visible also in detailed view at individual art initiatives of Brno children and teenagers.

“Not only that we wanted to make the beginning of the school year more pleasant for children from the region but we also aimed to enable them to try painting on such a big surface. Something you can do hardly anywhere in legal way. Another inspiration for organizing such an event was also positive response from Brno citizens towards visual rendering of the light subway under Heršpická street which is not far away from the place where the event took place,” said Milena Uhrová, Park Manager of Spielberk Office Centre.

Construction fence will stay on site until first quarter of next year for when is planned the completion of both skyscrapers. After the completion, schools are welcomed to take out the parts painted by their pupils or students and exhibit them in the entering hall or garden.

New Brno record will be part of the Czech book of records which is regularly issued by Agentura Dobrý den.