18. 11. 2019

CTP Builds New Factory for BMTS at CTPark Novi Sad

The new turbine factory will start working in April 2020.

The construction site was visited on Wednesday, November 13, by the mayor of Novi Sad, Milos Vucevic, the ambassador of Austria to Serbia, Nikolaus Lutterotti, as well as representatives of CTP and BMTS Technology.

The facility will have a total area of 24,350 m2, CTP will directly invest over EUR 15 million in the facility and the land, and the planned value of the production equipment is around EUR 35 million. A considerable part of the facility will be equipped with all the necessary features for R&D activities, and BMTS will bring 500 new jobs to Novi Sad. An R&D center will also be established, with 50 engineers and another 70 university-educated workers, whereas 380 people will be employed in production.

Together with ambassador Lutterotti, the country head of CTP Invest for Serbia Vlatko Djuricek and the Managing Director of BMTS Guenter Semeja, who is in charge of the company’s operations in Europe and Serbia, Vucevic symbolically laid a time capsule within the construction site, containing messages they wrote previously.

“It is my great pleasure to be in Novi Sad on this occasion and that we can see a large company’s construction site. Our economic ties are very strong and I believe that they will keep developing, as Austrian investors are satisfied with the conditions in Serbia,” Lutterotti emphasized.

Vlatko Djuricek, the representative of the Dutch company CTP Invest, pointed out that the company had the largest integrated system of top-quality business parks in Central and Eastern Europe.

“As you can see, the construction is going very well, and the opening of one of the most modern factories in Serbia is planned for April 2020. CTP will always try to support every project of BMTS in Novi Sad and anywhere in Serbia. Our company invested more than EUR 13 million in this project and I truly hope that this is just the beginning of a long-term cooperation. Novi Sad is the third city where we are successfully developing A-class industrial parks,” Djuricek said.

Guenter Semeja of BMTS Technology emphasized that the decision to build a factory in Novi Sad was made after a thorough research of potential locations, as it was estimated that there was no better place to develop the company’s operations.

“This is a large construction site, we have an office in Novi Sad with five employees, and the number will increase in the upcoming months,” Semeja stated.


Taken From the eKapija article: 17.11.2019, Turbine factory being raised at CTPark Novi Sad – Opening in spring 2020, jobs for 500 people, https://www.ekapija.com/en/news/2689604/turbine-factory-being-raised-at-ctpark-novi-sad-opening-in-spring-2020