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There is no better sign of a thriving business model than the kind of activity seen on all the various CTP construction sites throughout the Czech Republic. Common wisdom in the current economic situation says not to build, but the benefits CTP brings to our clients are precisely the draw needed to have these projects go ahead to completion. The fact that CTP is both a developer and construction company creates a vital advantage for our clients, particularly in the area of cost efficiency. Unlike other developers on the market CTP handles the full range of the development process, dealing in-house with everything from land acquisition, permitting, zoning, managing subcontractors, design and construction all the way through legal, accounting and after-care issues. According to construction manager Tomas Kult, CTP provides a flexibility which allows us to do more for a particular client because we can come in under budget in an earlier phase of the project. Responsible for the whole construction of the Spielberk Office Centre, Kult is looking forward to beginning Phase III of the highly successful project, and currently shuttles back and forth between the site and other CTP parks in and around Brno to consult with other construction managers.