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CTP continues to develop business parks in Brno




The city of Brno and CTP have signed a contract yesterday, Sep 7th 2010, for purchase of 420 000sq m of land plots at Brno Cernovicka Terasa. The city of Brno has selected CTP because of the long term cooperation and good experiences.

Since 2000 CTP invests and operates various business parks in the region of Brno and is excited about this opportunity. During coming 5 years CTP plans to build up to 20 properties on the 42ha land plots. Total investments will exceed 120mio EUR. CTP will be building properties in particular for the high-tech manufacturing, automotive sector and consumer electronics. The project will also include facilities for design, research and test centers. Properties will be offered for rent whereby CTP will responsible for design, construction and property management.

The land plots are located next to CTPs CTPark Brno development. The CTPark Brno has been one of the most successful projects which CTP has developed so far. The project includes properties which have been built for companies such as Honeywell, Acer, Moduslink, BenQ, Wistron and many others.

As for the new business park, CTP is already negotiating with various parties and plans to start on site with construction works during Q1 / 2011.

Brno continues to attract business. Existing investors are extending their operations and new investors establish themselves. Brno has what to offer - is strategically located with perfect accessibility to important central European regions, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Ostrava. Brno offers long tradition in engineering and manufacturing and a large pour of educated labour. Brno universities have more than 80 000 students.

CTP will reach the all-time high rental income this year of 95mio EUR.