CTP Expanding Its Logistics Parks in Romania

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12. 07. 2018
The industrial and logistics market was the second biggest growth driver of the Romanian real estate market after the office sector in 2017. The demand is still growing, mostly in Bucharest and the west of the country with CTP as one of the market leaders.

CTP has covered key positions in the west of the country, which is home to one of the highest levels of rental demand in the industrial and logistics market. This year, the company, which owns properties in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and Pitesti, will deliver 300,000 m2. Among the new tenants are companies from sectors such as IT, automotive, electronics, retail and FMCG.


“The capital city naturally records the largest demand for industrial and logistics space. We have three parks – CTPark Bucharest, CTPark Bucharest West and CTPark Bucharest Chitila, whose cumulative surface has already exceeded 500,000 m2, and we expect it to reach 700,000 mat the end of this year, which makes us the biggest owner of logistic parks near Bucharest. The same situation exists at a national level, where we have industrial and logistics parks in the western region: Arad, Cluj-Napoca, Deva, Ineu, Salonta, Sibiu, Timisoara and Turda. Currently, at national level, we are focusing on finishing the developments started in the Timisoara and Cluj parks, as well as the further development of the Pitesti Park,” says Iulia Busca, Commercial & Business development manager at CTP Romania.


The whole western region is developing fast thanks to rapid economic growth and it’s proximity to the border. Cluj-Napoca, for example, has reached around 210,000 mand Arad is close to 100,000 m2.


“In the future, we intend to cover all regions of Romania, as long as the basic conditions for improving our clients’ businesses are fulfilled: infrastructure, labor force and economic development,” adds Busca.

Excerpts taken from Business Review article, 12.7.2018: http://business-review.eu/br-exclusive/br-analysis-romanias-industrial-and-logistics-market-needs-infrastructure-and-workers-175581