17. 08. 2020

CTP Has Received BREEAM In-Use Certification for The Entire Hungarian Portfolio

Four CTP buildings in Hungary have received the BREEAM In-Use Excellent certifica-tion, and CTPark Arrabona - GYR1 in Győr has the highest score among the BREEAM In-Use certified buildings in Hungary

Budapest, 17. 08. 2020

As a result of the comprehensive certification process covering the entire portfolio of the company – nearly 300 buildings in 6 countries -, all of CTP’s properties in Hungary have received BREEAM In-Use certification, and 4 buildings have earned an Excellent rating. Therefore, CTP has achieved both in Hungary and on regional level a unique result in terms of the quality ratings of their buildings.

Last year, CTP was the first in the industry to enter into a collaboration agreement with BRE for the implementation of the “BREEAM In-Use International” certification for its entire industrial portfolio. The BREEAM In-Use certification is a science-based sustainability certificate that allows quick comparison of the performance of assets across territories. In Hungary, Excellent is the highest rate ever awarded, which has so far been achieved by only a few high-end office buildings.

As a result of the recently completed rating process, all of CTP’s buildings in Hungary (19 properties) have received BREEAM In-Use certification, and 4 of their buildings have earned Excellent rating, which contributed to the success of the portfolio-wide rating process of the group, and as a result the company has become the industry leader in Hungary. It is important to highlight that currently the CTPark Arrabona – GYR1 building is the highest graded Excellent rated BREEAM In-Use building in Hungary, including high-end, modern office buildings as well. Special mention should be made of GAMMA Properties Kft., who have contributed greatly to the acquisition of Excellent ratings.


Tibor Móritz, Head of Property Management Hungary, stated:

„During the project, the biggest challenge for us was to collect and select the huge amount of data, but thanks to the persistent work of my colleagues and partners, we successfully completed these tasks. Special attention was paid to 14 of our mostly multi-tenant properties, where we had to ensure compliance with each requirement in a tenant-specific manner. In addition to the this, mechanical and infrastructural developments were necessary in order for the buildings to meet the conditions required for the “Very Good” rating, which was a minimum expectation on our part.”


The aim of the project, which is unique in the industry, was to demonstrate CTP Invest’s commitment to the environment and sustainability through an independent, third-party certification process. The company is confident that it has set a new standard that will be determinative for market players in the future.


What is BREEAM?

BREEAM is one of two global sustainability certification standards. It provides a simple system for the evaluation of building quality and sustainability. The standard enables designers and investors to choose a more efficient solution for constructing buildings and warehouses, lowering their annual operational costs. The BREEAM certificate was born in the UK and describes the building’s impact on the environment. The comprehensive building assessment comprises ten categories: energy, health and wellbeing, innovation, land use, materials, management, pollution, transport, waste and water.

About CTP

CTP is a commercial real estate developer and manager providing complete services in the real estate sector. The firm specialises in the construction and management of customer-oriented high-tech business parks for leading international and domestic companies that are strategically investing in new or expanded projects. CTP owns the CTPark Network, the largest integrated system of premium business parks in Central and Eastern Europe. They cover more than 5.6 million square metres of Class A real estate in more than 96 strategic locations in seven countries. In addition to the Czech Republic, CTP currently has a presence in Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, and Poland. It recently started operating in Bulgaria. Among others, the firm owns CTPark Brno, currently the largest industrial park in the Central and Eastern European region.


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