26. 04. 2019

CTP Collaborates with Local Communities on Environmental Protection Program

CTP plans its social responsibility activities in 2019 with a series of events designed to support local communities close to their properties.

Just prior to Easter, CTP, together with the children from the General School of Bolintin-Deal, planted willows in the CTPark Bucharest West industrial park.

Pupils from Bolintin-Deal were invited by CTP to participate in planting 120 willows intended to become a habitat for birds. The project was undertaken to help the children learn from specialists about the area’s fauna, how nests are built, about water and food dispensers for birds and water dispensers for ants and lizard habitats.

The CTPark Bucharest West industrial park is near the A1 motorway, an area with a lot of traffic, but also close to communities. We want to minimize the negative impact on nature and maximize the benefits to the community both from inside the park and the immediate vicinity of the park, giving people a healthy living environment. Our plan is to plant as many trees, shrubs and vegetation as possible in the area, which can combat the pollution caused by traffic and create an environment optimal for the development of flora and fauna,” said Ana Dumitrache, Country Head, CTP Romania.

Under the slogan ‘Coming Together is Power’, CTP is initiating events intended to bring together communities, educate on sustainability and how we can incorporate environmental activities into our corporate environment and our lives,” says Ana Dumitrache.


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