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CTP Invests EUR 3 Million to Reduce Energy Consumption at CTPark Bucharest West




Target: 5% Reduction in Energy Consumption per Year

CTPark Bucharest West

CTP is investing EUR 3 million to upgrade to new Smart LED technology both interior lighting of the buildings and the exterior lighting in the entire park. On a per-building basis, the investment is expected to yield a 30% reduction in energy consumption—a savings which directly benefits our clients' bottom line.

Currently, the exterior upgrade is nearly 100% complete, with approximately 150 lamps exchanged. During the year, CTP plans to upgrade approximately 54,000 m2 of space with the new LED technology, working with each client to optimise installation needs.

Upgrading older facilities to more efficient LED lighting benefits clients in a number of ways. LED lights can reduce up to 30% of their facility energy consumption, directly lowering costs. Additionally, LED lighting produces higher luminosity, creating a brighter work area, improving visibility, creating a more enjoyable workspace, and potentially reducing on-site accidents which may result from low visibility. Thirdly, LED lights require much less maintenance,  losing only 10% overall luminosity after 50,000 hours of use. Parts are more easily replaceable, and the systems are highly programmable, allowing for time- or sense-based lighting schedules.

For more information, contact:

Stefan de Goeij

Head of Property Management