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CTP Opens Tunnel in Ostrava




Ostrava: Wednesday 17 July, 2013 

CTP and the City of Ostrava held the Grand Opening of an interactive pedestrian 'art tunnel' which connects IQ Ostrava to the city transportation system, providing the local community with an eclectic artistic passageway incorporating light, Cor-ten plate, technology and painting. A unique, high-tech piece of 'art of architecture', the tunnel expresses the dynamic spirit of modern Ostrava. 

CTP is pleased that Ostrava Mayor Petr Kajnar was able to provide the opening remarks. 

Speakers included lead architect of the project, Václav Hlaváček of Studio acht, artists Marek Číhal and Zdeněk Sklenář who collaborated on the project.

Renowned Ostrava photographer Jindřich Štreit—whose photography adorns the interiors of IQ Ostrava—also spoke.

 CTP together with its parnters created an event for special guests and valued clients who were able to enjoy a night of art, drinks and music from bands Marow and Joy & The Tonesseekers.

CTP is proud to participate and make positive contributions to the communities in which we operate. As in Ostrava, CTP has created several projects such as the award-winning pedestrian bridge at Spielberk Office Centre and the Interactive tunnel in that park. You can see a video here about the Spielberk underpass in Brno.