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CTP purchased properties from Belgium based WDP




CTP has purchased a portfolio of properties in the Czech Republic from Belgium based WDP. CTP is pleased to announce successful acquisition of a portfolio with various properties located throughout the Czech Republic, in particular in the region of Mladá Boleslav and Prague. Properties are retail and industrial and have been built and developed recently by WDP. The transaction also includes land plots which CTP plans to develop in the future. The portfolio covers an rentable area of approx. 50 000 m2 and fits perfectly within CTP´s portfolio of almost 2 million m2 of lettable area in the Czech Republic. The purchase price exceeds an amount of €25 million. The acquisition enables CTP to further extend its market position and especially create a stronger position in the region of Mladá Boleslav where CTP is currently constructing other properties.


CTP has had a record year in 2012 in terms of rental income and portfolio growth, the portfolio properties will exceed 2 million m2 of lettable area by the end of this year.