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CTP results, first half of 2010.




CTP experienced a very positive first half of 2010 with significant new take-up of 96 000 m2. CTP is on track in order to reach an all-time high yearly rental income of € 95 Mil for 2010 compared to € 52 Mil in 2007, € 73 Mil in 2008 and € 88 Mil in 2009. The current vacancy within CTP’s portfolio is approx. 8,5%.

CTP’s goal is to achieve a gross annual rental income of € 150 Mil by 2015. CTP will continue to enlarge its portfolio of properties and has a detailed plan to build approx. 70 different buildings during the coming 5 years. This would bring our current portfolio to a total let able area of more than 2,3 Mil m2. CTP has prepared these projects; new buildings will be built within existing business parks whereby CTP already owns the land plots and infrastructure. CTP believes that approx. 50% of the new built properties will be developed for existing clients. CTP’s existing tenants continue to bring new activities to the Czech Republic.

CTP currently has approx. 28 different projects under construction, some of the significant projects are the new distribution centre for Fabory and IN-TIME both sharing a new building at CTPark Brno South and 28 000 m2 at CTPark Ostrava pre-leased to I-ZONE and ITT, various CTBox properties are currently being completed at CTZone Brno and our Plzeň location. Furthermore CTP is constructing our 85 m high Office Tower at Spielberk Office Centre in Brno.

During 2010 CTP will invest approx. € 25 Mil into solar energy projects. A variety of our current buildings already installed with solar panels are receiving a Grade-A energy rating and producing more energy than they are consuming. CTP’s combined net assets value at the end of 2010 is expected to increase to € 510 Mil from € 430 Mil that was at the end of 2009; rofit of € 80 Mil is predicted for 2010 under IFRS. CTP benefits from the low interest rates. The standing portfolio is currently co-financed by 5 different banks, CTP plans to extend its number of banks partners to 8.

CTP achieved significant take up at Spielberk Office Center – its flagship office center in Brno – in the first half of 2010. Occupancy increased from 62% at the beginning of the year to more than 90% currently. Major new tenants include AVG, Edwards, PPG and SolarWinds.

CTP is honoured to announce that CTPark Bor was awarded the Best Logistic Park of the Czech Republic 2010. CTPark Bor has welcomed many new tenants in 2010 including CEVA/Philips, Pressol, Rieter and Maurice Ward.

CTP’s team is a strong organization of more than 100 professionals from all necessary functions such as business development, project development, property management or finance management. CTP continuously strengthens its team (in the first half of 2010 new people have been hired for key positions – Zdeněk Raus as the financial project manager and Stefan de Goeij as the property manager). CTP has all skills necessary for maintaining the current market position as the market leader and also for development of the pipeline.