30. 09. 2020

CTP rewards best students in Bolintin Deal, near ctPark Bucharest West

Learning is key to success. CTP knows that ,and has been a long-term supporter of young talent in local communities. Reward is what motivates you to develop further, and that’s why again this year in Romania, CTP rewarded children for their very good school results.

The children are from the 5th to the 8th grade and come from families with limited financial possibilities. While this applies to almost the entire community from Bolintin Vale, it did not stop the children from scholastic achievement and putting in hours of hard work.

CTP Romania had the pleasure of awarding 17 children from the local community near ctPark Bucharest West – Bolintin Deal—who achieved very good marks at school. Because of Covid-19 restrictions in spring, we postponed the awards to the beginning of the new school year.