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CTP Runners Tackle Bratislava Half-Marathon




CTP Fields 13 in the first of four Half-Marathon Challenge


For 2017, CTP threw down a challenge for our colleagues, and sponsored any employee who wants to take part inf the four Half-Marathons taking place across CEE. The challenge includes participating in all four major half-marathon races in the four capitals of Prague, Budapest, Bucharest and Bratislava.

Last Sunday CTP employees successfully competed in the first Half-Marathon in Bratislava, with great results. Congratulations Team CTP!


Pavel Pokorný1:35:14
Jiří Krátký1:36:10
Miroslav Havel1:38:21
David Vais1:39:37
Remon Vos1:42:57
Tomáš Panko1:43:06
Michal Felcman1:50:19
David Chládek1:51:03
Jaroslav Kaizr1:53:11
Stefan De Goeij2:00:39
Zsofia Prokop2:07:58
Lukáš Klein2:22:06
Lázsló Madas2:44:28

Upcoming Races:

Prague (07/05)

Budapest (10/09)
Bucharest (08/10)