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CTP secured 40 million of new financing for the development of our project




CTP appreciates the support from our financial partners including VÚB/Intesa, ČSOB and Volksbank.

On October 7th, CTP signed new financing with VUB/Intesa for €20 million for the development of CTPark Mladá Boleslav. CTP appreciates this new partner in helping us to fulfill our goal for 2011 in expanding our financial partner base from 5 to 8. Further in September 2011, CTP concluded other new loan agreements with ČSOB for €12 million and Volksbank Real Estate for €8 million for financing of new developments for clients such as ViskoTeepak, ABB, Raben/Wincanton and Kühne & Nagel.

With a total of €194 million of new financing CTP has currently under construction a total of 225 000 m² of new buildings for international and Czech tenants mainly focused on production, R&D
and IT industries. These developments are a strong step forward for the Czech Republic while bringing international business and creating new job opportunities.