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CTP Solar Project - Expansion 2010




In the last issue of the CTP NEWS we introduced you to the very first steps of our solar project. The CTPark Humpolec Solar Plant now has its first full year of production with positive results. The estimated power production reached 18.6MWh and the end result came in somewhat above expectations. Now after a full year of testing and experience we are pleased to report an update to the program in which we have moved on to additional buildings within the CTPark Network. At the start of the year we are focused on installations in order to be ready for the beginning of the peak season of optimum sunlight that will come around May. Our goal is to reach capacity of up to 4.2 MW. This capacity will be installed on the roofs of buildings indicated in the map (above). For the second half of the year our goal is to reach a total of 15 MW and intensive preparation is underway. This installation is scheduled for the beginning of September and we would like it to become operational by the end of the year. The average household of 2 adults and 2 children requires 2.2 MWh 21. CTP properties, at approx. 14,000 MWh per year can power 6,363 households totaling 25,450 people.This will contribute to the reduction of 9.6 million kg of CO² emissions every year. CTP has a total of 1.5 million m² of rooftop space for solar energy. CTP Invest also became a founding partner of the Czech Green Building Council (www.czgbc.org) and is an active participant in developing the certification of green buildings.