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CTP Starts Construction for HP Pelzer in CTPark Bratislava




We have started construction of a 12,000 m2 facility for HP Pelzer Adler Group - a supplier of VW - in CTPark Bratislava. CTPark Bratislava sits directly adjacent to the Volkswagen factory in Devinska Nova Ves district of the Slovakia capital.


"CTP realised several acquisitions in the fourth quarter of last year and is now in an ideal position to support the growth of the manufacturing and the automotive sector in Slovakia," said regional director Tomas Budař.


HP Pelzer will produce parts for luxury segment cars such as Volkwagen Group Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg. The company plans to employ more than 340 workers in teh facility. Handover of the building is tentatively expected in December 2016.


"From May 1st, CTP also offers comprehensive facility management services in the park and will be flexible to accommodate all the requirements of its clients," said Budař.


CTP's philosophy is to care for the environment and aesthetic appeal of our parks, and CTPark Bratislava is no different.  In recent weeks we have completed the planting of greenery that improves the environment while making the space more attractive. In total, CTP has planted an additional 549 trees in the park, with truck diameter 20 - 40 cm and a height of between 150 - 350 cm.