06. 02. 2019

CTP Encourages Women in IT by Supporting CzechITas

CTP Supporting Communities Across CEE

CzechITas organizes courses for girls and women on programming, web development, graphic design and data analytics. CTP recently decided to support CzechITas by providing them with the space they need to create an environment where girls do not feel ashamed for raising their hand and where they can improve their skills.

CzechITas focus is on correcting imbalances in education and encouraging women’s greater participation in STEM careers. In IT, there are very few women, and as the modern world requires a high degree of digital literacy, companies will need to hire more women into these roles, and can benefit from greater diversity in their teams. CTP is a big supporter of educational programs, and works to promote women in the company. Because CzechITas works to correct gender and other imbalances, whether they be financial or societal, CTP is proud to be involved in support for CzechITas.

In December, CTP hosted the CzechITas Gala event at hotel Marriott Courtyard, launching the cooperation which will continue in a new office building at Ponávka. The CzechITas organisation will help support education, and will bring additional life and young talent to the Ponávka community.

The CzechITas House at Ponávka will be the very first place that provides complex IT support to women and youth at one place in the Czech Republic, composed of education, motivation, tools, coaching, camps and career development and change. The House will contain:

  • CzechITas offices
  • Classrooms for courses
  • Facilities for lecturers
  • Open study room & multipurpose room
  • Presentation hall
  • Playroom & kids corner
  • Café with a presentation area for community events, lectures for the public, partner companies events

“I truly believe that the future lies in technology and diversity. It unlocks individual potential and is a great talent source for companies. CzechITas’s mission is to inspire and empower women and youth to pursue STEM careers, complementing the Czech educational system. It will be a long-distance run, and we are excited about building and maintaining long-term partnerships with leading companies like CTP,” says Dita Přikrylová, CEO & Founder of CzechITas.

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