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CTP team joined the Real Estate Charity Beach Volleyball Tournament




The main aim of the sporting event organized by JLL is to raise money for the selected charity organizations to support their needs.

Czech Real Estate Charity Beach Volleyball Tournament took place in Žluté Lázně, Prague on August 10th.

Twenty-three teams from real estate were competing on four courts whilst having fun and enjoying the great weather and venue. Tournament raised a total of CZK 330,000 that was donated to:

ParentsProject which  is an organization founded in 1994 in USA by parents whose children were born with Muscular Dystrophy and to the Association for early intervention, a non-governmental organization, that provides services, support and help to families with visually impaired and multiple handicapped children. 

We are already training hard for the next year!

See the photos from the event: https://jll.app.box.com/s/2w0pnig2plvhemllo4gjs30gruzanpem?utm_campaign=Czech%20Republic%20-%20Events%20-%20Czech%20Real%20Estate%20Charity%20Beach%20Volle%20-%202017%20-%20Feedback&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua