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CTP to Promote Half Marathon Challenge




CTP is promoting a healthy lifestyle as part of our company culture. This year, we are creating a challenge for our employees, and sponsoring any employee who wants to take part in teh 4 Half-Marathon challenge. The challenge includes the 4 major half-marathon races in the 4 capitals of Central Europe: Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Bucharest—where CTP is active.

Find out more about each race and get signed up!

  1. 2th April 2017 - Bratislava Half Marathon: https://www.bratislavamarathon.com/csob_bratislava_marathon/csob_bratisl...  
  2. 7th May 2017 - Prague Marathon: http://www.runczech.com/cs/akce/volkswagen-maratonsky-vikend-2017/zavody...  
  3. 10th September 2017 - Budapest Half Marathon: http://halfmarathon.runinbudapest.com/  
  4. 8th October 2017 - Bucharest Half Marathon: http://bucharest-marathon.com/en/