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CTPark Bor awarded The Best Logistic Park in CZ




CTP is proud to announce that CTPark Bor was named the Best Logistic Park of the Czech Republic 2010. The award was based on an extensive survey carried out by STEM/MARK targeting end users of logistics parks of a large number of international and local developers. These customers chose CTPark Bor due to our responsiveness to clients and flexibility in meeting their needs. Maintenance and on-site property management are services CTP works hard to maintain. CTPark Bor’s success is also due to its strategic location, excellent accessibility and high quality buildings. Some current clients at CTPark Bor include companies such as Bridgestone, Fiege, TechData, Schenker, Ceva, Loxxess.

Rieter is a German based automotive company that works a lot for BMW. Rieter will open a new state of the art production facility at CTPark Bor, which they chose because it is so conveniently located in relation to their clients. The first phase is approximately. 7,000 m² of area for production and office area for their staff.