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Tech Data Distribution is a stable client in CTPark Bor, distributing computer and communication equipment, digital consumer electronics and software. They have leased almost 50 000 m² of space divided into two halls. One hall is used for direct business to end clients in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia while the second focuses on intra-company logistics Europe-wide. Tech Data chose the Bor location mainly due to its proximity to Germany, direct access to highways and how the CTP complex suits its current needs while offering space ᴀexibility allowing potential further expansion of the company.Tech Data has created 150 jobs in the Tachov region so far, providing one of the most stable job offers in the region. In addition to this Tech Data enriches their staff with education and high-class company know-how. Tech Data has named František Grasl the new managing director in CTPark Bor and plans to grow new product ranges to serve clients in 16 European countries. CTPark Bor’s ideal location puts companies within arm’s reach of what logistics insiders call the “Blue Banana” – Europe’s most populous urbanized area,  with 90 million people and 60% of the EU’s  purchasing power.