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CTPark Brno South - CCI Opening & Fabory




CTPark Brno South is a business location attracting significant attention from businesses all over the world. The park also offers growth opportunities for local companies and job opportunities to the region’s inhabitants. The site next to the Brno airport was chosen for various reasons, chief among them availability of infrastructure. Besides proximity to the airport, it is also close to the D1 motorway and a direct railway connection. CTP values our relationships established with local communities. After discussions with all participants there was a zoning plan of land plots of 123 hectares prepared. The land lots are located within the area between the existing rail track, road and the airport. CTP continues our upgrades to roads and infrastructure, such as the new ring-road around Slatina and a brand new quick road connection from Šlapanice to Evropská. Additional infrastructure will be built to prepare for future on-site amenities and convenience to all. In addition, more green area has been included (a total 30% of the full site area), including a recreation and community area along the borders of Šlapanice. CCI Engineering is one of our valued clients at CTPark Brno South and leases 16,378 m² of Flexi- Space, including offices and sanitary facilities. CCI plans to have its official opening on June 29th, 2010. CCI is a full-service mechanical, electrical, plumbing and engineering design company specializing in tooling, milling and final valve forming for various kinds of industries – mainly water management and power supplies. Visit: www.ccivalve.com for more info. Fabory moves in with an initial 4,500 m². At CTPark Brno South we are finishing preparation for work for our 6,500 m² building project to be completed by the end of 2010 in which Fabory will take 4,539 m² of space with an additional 1,644 m² to expand into for the future. Fabory is world renowned for marketing their products, a wide variety of fasteners and A-brand tools. www.fabory.com