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CTPark Ostrava celebrates 10 years!




CTPark Ostrava celebrates its tenth anniversary on Thursday, 5 June 2014. The event included a welcome drink, followed by a property tour and an outdoor barbeque on the grounds of the recenly rebranded CTOffice building. See for yourself what makes CTPark Ostrava the premier business park in the region!


CTP has also completed the full branding of our unique CTPark property type, CTOffice, in Ostrava. This coincides with recent park and property improvements, including interior designs and new on-site amenities. The rebrand to CTOffice benefits customers by clarifiying the association of the property with the successful CTPark Network, backed by CTP, which is known for premium developments and a high level of service and property management. CTOffice Modřice will undergo a refurbishment and full rebrand in the coming months.